Remote Search Processors#

👉 For information on OpenSearch search processors, visit the opensearch documentation

Sycamore exposes a number of search processors in addition to the ones built in to OpenSearch. We accomplish this with a search processor in OpenSearch called ‘remote-processor’. This processor makes a network call to the Sycamore service hosting the search processors.

These search processors include:

  • dedup: de-duplicates search results. See here.

  • debug: prints the search response to stdout. Useful for debugging.

The processors running by default are specified in a config file: remote-processor-service/config/pipelines.yml. The default Sycamore search pipelines use the dedup02 remote search processor, which applies a “medium-light” amount of near-duplicate removal to search responses.

- debug:
      - debug-response:
- dedup02:
      - dedup-response:
          threshold: 0.15

You can add a hosted remote processor to a search pipeline using standard OpenSearch search pipeline creation syntax:

PUT /_search/pipeline/pipeline-with-remote-dedup
  "response_processors": [
      "remote_processor": {
        "endpoint": "https://rps:2796/RemoteProcessorService/ProcessResponse"
        "processor_name": "dedup"

The processor_name should point to the top-level name of the processor you want to call.